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Welcome to Inner Guides!

Inner Guides’ statement: “The Greatest Guide within”


We trust everyone has the resources to let the problems/difficulties go, and we believe that we should have a joyful and happy life. Life is full of colour and we are brave to take the adventure to understand more about ourselves. Be a child again! Enjoy your fun time!


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Our Services
We provide a ranges of services including:
1. Interest classes -        Partnership with HKFTU
Partnership with NGOs
Partnership with Companies
2. Private Personal Growth Workshops/Classes
3. Corporate Trainings
4. Counseling/Consultation Work


Service Rendered


- 沙遊治療

- 心理輔導

- 家庭輔導

- 婚姻輔導

- 遊戲治療



興趣課程 (與社會服務機構)


- 香港小童群益會大圍青少年綜合服務中心 (邏輯推理能力發展、兒童理財習慣培訓)

- 平安福音堂 (遊戲小組、家長講座)



- 「內在小孩」體驗之旅
- 曼陀羅彩繪心靈治療工作坊

- 符號學入門
- 香道心靈體驗之旅
- 手印(Mudra)能量提升與心靈治療工作坊

- 「禪繞畫」心靈治療之旅

- 童話心理學

- 聆聽身體的聲音身心靈健康之旅



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